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"prince quilliam
the roadsick hedgehog"

"On the day he is finally allowed to come with his family to a ball, Prince Quilliam is a nervous wreck.  His parents expect him to look and behave perfectly, but nothing seems to be going right.  To top it off?  All his worrying has made them late, and they're going to have to have to rush to get to the party on time.  Nervous and nauseous, will Quilliam be able to get through the evening with poise and aplomb?"

This book is a story in rhyming verse intended to be read by an adult reader to a young person in their life.  Peppered with skipping scansion and twisting turns of phrase, both the reader and listener will be chuckling as the royalest of all hedgehogs wind their way towards this story's heartfelt conclusion.

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Toronto, Canada

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