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"the pit"

"What if I told you that every evil from myth and tale was real?  That you, sitting here this very day, owe your very existence to those ancient heroes your grandmother told you about as you lay so small in your bed?  Would you believe me?  Of course not.  You're a person of the modern world.  A person of facts and figures, not figments of the imagination and the phantoms of folklore.  You would laugh if I told you that there were dark and terrible titans that still strain against the immortal bonds of their imprisonment.  Of course, you would laugh!  And then when I told you that all your dreams of power, wealth, immortality, of magic, and mayhem and madness... all those dark desires of yours, they could be real, if such an ancient, powerful place were to exist.  And we would grow quiet and both think of what we could do were the world but ours for the taking.  And just when you see it: that impossible vision of all that you desire... I would show you The Pit."

"The Pit" is the working title of a table-top game by Maple Forged.  Players navigate the sloping walls of an ancient, forgotten jail for the banished evils of primordial time.  Promises of wealth and power tempt players to fulfill dark promises to their unseen patrons, and the future of the world is held in the balance with their selfish desires.

"bunny or brigand?"

In the earliest stages of development, "Bunny or Brigand?" is a 'Guess Who?'-style game for 2 to 6 players.  Set in an Arthurian tavern, players take turns smuggling bandits and brigands out of the country while the others attempt to collect their bounty.

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Toronto, Canada

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